Our Winery

Nestled atop the foothills in the heart of the Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey County, California lies family owned and operated Boekenoogen Vineyards and Winery. Situated in the heart of Santa Lucia Highlands appellation, Boekenoogen Winery is one of only a few wineries that grows, produces, and bottles on-site. 


Family owned and operated since 1998

Established in 1998, John Boekenoogen transformed his family’s fifth generation cattle ranch into a vineyard producing outstanding grapes and now very fine wine. John’s Great Grandfather, George Boekenoogen, came across the United States in covered wagons in search of gold in the late 1850’s. When gold mining did not pan out as planned, George Boekenoogen decided to come to the Salinas Valley, purchase property, and start The Boekenoogen Cattle Ranch.

As we all know too well, times change and when John Boekenoogen saw the property’s potential for producing high quality wine grapes, he began turning the ground over in the 1990’s just as his Great Grandfather did in the 1870’s. But instead of raising hay to winter cattle, John began growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes in the Santa Lucia Highlands., now well known as one of the finest wine regions in California for these grape varieties, as well as cool climate Syrahs.

After a few years of tremendously increasing demand for Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, the Boekenoogen Family decided to take their business one step further with the construction of their boutique winery.

The combination of superior clones, rocky well-drained soils, meticulous viticulture practices, foggy mornings and sunny afternoons moderated by cooling maritime breezes, has resulted in superior grapes. With state of the art winery equipment mixed with old world wine making methods, Boekenoogen Wines are proving to be some of the most pristine wines in the country.

On almost any given day you can find the family partners, Susan, Garrett, Holly, and Kate hard at work in their Vineyards, Winery, Tasting Room or on their Commercial Black Angus Cattle Ranch in upper Carmel Valley.

Boekenoogen Sign

Family means a lot to the Boekenoogens and this attitude is represented on each and every bottle with the emblem of our family crest, dating back to the 1200’s. From our family to yours we hope that you too can join in on a little piece of history.