Boekenoogen Wines is Now SIP certified!

Since 1995, the Boekenoogen Family has been producing some of the finest wine grapes the Santa Lucia Highlands Appellation has to offer. We believe in performing many viticultural practices to ensure the highest standards of quality fruit.

Thanks to Garrett and John Boekenoogen and the Central Coast Vineyard Team, a non-profit group,Boekenoogen Vineyards is now Certified Sustainability in Practice (SIP).

SIP Certification speaks to the vineyard’s commitment to protecting both natural and human resources. Growers and winemakers recognize that mindful fruit production and care for workers’ well-being are important components of quality wine.

SIP’s comprehensive rules address many inter-related elements of the whole vineyard system. Habitat conservation, Pest management, Energy efficiency, Water conservation, Economic stability and Human resources are a few of the key elements of the program.

Boekenoogen Vineyards and Winey is happy to be doing our part in going GREEN.

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